Solo's Hold Darkstar custom saber (Darksaber inspired)

NerfworXlab Darkstar Lightsaber Unveiled | New Saber Alert

The NerfworXlab Darkstar lightsaber has been unveiled. The flat-hilt, custom saber is inspired by the design of the legendary black-bladed Darksaber. A flat blade will be available as well (sold separately). Darkstar is available as an empty hilt (assembled, uninstalled).

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Solo's Hold Darkstar custom saber (Darksaber inspired)
Concept design for the NerfworXlab Darkstar lightsaber | IMAGE CREDIT NerfworXlab

Darkstar is designed specifically as an install friendly hilt for neopixel configurations. The hilt is designed for neopixel installation only. Darkstar may serve as a static display piece as well.

Darkstar, which will be CNC machined from aerospace materials, will feature highly detailed engravings, according to NerfworXlab. Goth-3Designs is developing chassis designs for the Darkstar lightsaber as well.

Darkstar is available for pre-order from Solo’s Hold. The estimated shipping date has not yet been announced.

Solo’s Hold website

Solo’s Hold is a United States based custom saber company that specialized in runs of character inspired empty hilts.

NerfworXlab is a joint collaboration of four custom saber companies: Solo’s Hold, GOTH-3Designs, Obi-Shane and Crucible Custom Props.

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