Finding the UNRELEASED Orange Kyber Crystal and Cyan Kyber Crystal | Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge

Disney could have released an orange kyber crystal and a cyan kyber crystal at Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge. A Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge kyber crystal, which is embedded with an RFID chip, is programmed to determine the crystal chamber color and blade color on a Savi’s Workshop lightsaber. The kyber crystal also unlocks specific character dialogue from a Jedi Holocron or Sith Holocron.

YouTuber Dead Bothans Society stumbled onto the unreleased orange and cyan colors in the summer of 2019. He discovered the two colors by scanning and hacking into standard color kyber crystals from Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge. Through the hack, he was able to change the crystal chamber illumination color to orange or cyan.
Source:, Retrieved 2/4/2020

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YouTuber Dead Bothans Society demos an orange crystal chamber color on a Savi’s Workshop crystal chamber | IMAGE CREDIT Dead Bothans Society

Reprogramming a Kyber Crystal as Orange or Cyan

Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge kyber crystals may be hacked and rewritten with an RFID reader/writer. Reprogramming the crystal as orange or cyan will change the color of the crystal chamber, but not the blade itself. If you program the kyber crystal as orange, the blade will illuminate yellow. If you program the kyber crystal as cyan, the blade will illuminate blue. Also, neither of the two colors unlocks any dialogue in the Jedi Holocron or Sith Holocron.

Finally, since the two colors were never released, no genuine, physical orange kyber crystals or cyan kyber crystals were released. Etsy seller jandno makes Savi’s Workshop lightsaber compatible CUSTOM kyber crystals [affiliate link], including custom orange and custom cyan (i.e. teal) kyber crystals.

CUSTOM orange and teal kyber crystals from Etsy seller jandno | IMAGE CREDIT jandno

Why didn’t Disney release the orange and cyan kyber crystals?

Disney may have scrapped the two colors because as of the summer 2019 opening of Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge at Disneyland, neither orange kyber crystals/lightsaber blades nor cyan kyber crystals/lightsaber blades were part of Star Wars Canon. The two colors were officially introduced into Star Wars Canon in fall 2019 following the release of the video game Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order. Both orange and cyan are playable lightsaber blade colors in the game.

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