Kyber Crystal RFID Hack | Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge

Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge kyber crystals are small, plastic crystal-shaped pieces equipped with an RFID chip. The kyber crystal RFID chip determines a Savi’s Workshop lightsaber blade color and unlocks character dialogue in a Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge Jedi Holocron and Sith Holocron. Each kyber crystal only unlocks one blade color and one set of character dialogue…unless the kyber crystal is reprogrammed.

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Following the opening of Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge, fans quickly uncovered a hack for reprogramming a Galaxy’s Edge kyber crystal to register as a different lightsaber blade color and/or a different set of character dialogue. In July 2019, YouTuber Burbank Makerspace posted a video using a Proxmark3 (RFID analyzing tool) to decode and reprogram a kyber crystal. Additional YouTubers subsequently posted demo videos where they reprogrammed the Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge kyber crystals using a simpler RFID reader/writer [find one on eBay], which is cheaper and easier to use than the more sophisticated Proxmark3.

Using a simple reprogramming hack, fans can uncover ANY available Savi’s Workshop lightsaber blade color and ANY available holocron character dialogue. A kyber crystal could be reprogrammed to unlock Snoke’s voice from the rare black kyber crystal or activate a ‘secret’ orange crystal chamber illumination or teal crystal chamber illumination (orange and teal are unreleased colors).

How to Reprogram a Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge Kyber Crystal

unbranded RFID Reader/Writer
Several kyber crystal reprogramming tutorials use an unbranded RFID Reader/Writer that looks like this, found on eBay or Amazon for about $30 to $50.

Disclaimer: Attempt reprogramming at your own risk. Some RFID Reader/Writer devices may work slightly differently than described below.


Galaxy’s Edge kyber crystal (any color)
Galaxy’s Edge kyber crystal compatible device(s) (e.g. Savi’s Workshop lightsaber, Jedi Holocron, Sith Holocron)
125KHz RFID Reader/Writer [find one on eBay]
extra RFID key fobs (optional; to reprogram)


1. Turn on RFID Reader/Writer (make sure it’s set to 125KHz). Hold the kyber crystal next to the device and click the “Read” button. The device will say “Read success” and recite the current RFID number of the kyber crystal.
2. Next, click the “Input” button. Enter the four digit number for your desired lightsaber blade color and dialogue set (see the complete list of RFID codes below). Press “Input” one more time.
3. Hold the kyber crystal next to the device and the click the “Write” button. If desired, use one of the option RFID key fobs instead of the kyber crystal itself. The device will say “Write success” to indicate that writing to the device worked.
4. Now you have reprogrammed the kyber crystal! Attach the kyber crystal to your Jedi Holocron or Sith Holocron to hear the dialogue of the reprogrammed kyber crystal. Alternatively, install the kyber crystal in your Savi’s Workshop lightsaber to view the new blade color.

List of Kyber Crystal RFID Numbers

Blue Lightsaber Blade Codes
3078 Obi-Wan Kenobi (Original Trilogy era) dialogue
3086 Luke Skywalker (Sequel Trilogy era) dialogue

Red Lightsaber Blade Codes
3073 Darth Vader dialogue
3081 Emperor Palpatine dialogue
3082 Count Dooku dialogue
3085 Darth Maul dialogue
3123 Snoke dialogue (note: this is from the black kyber crystal)
3121 Darth Vader (Magic 8 Ball) dialogue

Green Lightsaber Blade Codes
3076 Qui-Gon Jinn dialogue
3084 Yoda dialogue
3122 Yoda (Magic 8 Ball) dialogue

Purple Lightsaber Blade Codes
3079 Mace Windu (set 1) dialogue
3087 Mace Windu (set 2) dialogue

White Lightsaber Blade Codes
3072 Ahsoka Tano dialogue
3080 Chirrut Imwe dialogue

Yellow Lightsaber Blade Codes
3075 Jedi Temple Guard dialogue
3083 Maz Kanata dialogue

Unreleased Lightsaber Crystal Chamber Color Codes (no dialogue)
3074 Orange (crystal chamber will illuminate orange, blade will illuminate yellow)
3077 Teal (crystal chamber will illuminate teal, blade will illuminate blue)

Burbank Makerspace [YouTube Video] Unreleased Teal and Orange Kyber Crystals Found – Galaxy’s Edge RFID Hacking Tutorial. Retrieved 10/30/2019.
Jandno [YouTube Video] How to Edit Galaxy’s Edge Kyber Crystals Part 1: Holocrons (Change the voice/color!). Retrieved 10/30/2019.

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  1. Can anyone tell me the dimensions of these crystals? I’m building a sabre at the moment to show off a crystal. If I know the dimensions, I can design the housing. I shall be including a motor element, so the crystal will not only illuminate, but rotate – for reasons! Also whilst I’m at it, I may as well include persistence of vision in the neopixel, so I can include pictures being projected via the blade, and if you wave it side to side to display any image – again because I can!

    Any help greatly appreciated.


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