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GOTH-3Designs, sometimes called GOTH-3D, is a 3D printed lightsaber chassis and accessory company. Based in France, GOTH-3D primarily operates out of the GOTH-3Designs Shapeways store. Shapeways is a 3D printing service and marketplace.

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Although most GOTH-3Designs products are sold through the Shapeways store, some of the company’s lightsaber chassis are available for purchase in The Saber Armory by KR Sabers (a UK based custom saber parts store).

GOTH-3Designs develops many different types of lightsaber chassis. Chassis designs range from simple, inexpensive solutions suitable for basic lightsaber installations up to complex, elaborate, and ornate metal chassis for crystal reveal lightsabers. Chassis are categorized in increasing complexity as: Padawan, Knight and Master.

GOTH-3Designs organizes their Shapeways store into four main sections:
M contains different chassis arranged by size. In section M, a lightsaber builder would select a chassis that approximately matches the inside diameter (ID) of their lightsaber hilt.
A contains all-in-one-chassis
C contains chassis designed for and tailored to specific lightsaber hilts manufactured by major custom lightsaber companies (e.g. Korbanth, Roman Props, One Replicas, Solo’s Hold, etc).
O contains other miscellaneous items including: accessories, blade plugs, saber parts, custom requests, and legacy models. Legacy models are primarily chassis or parts for out of production lightsabers.

GOTH-3Designs is also part of Nerfworxlab. Nerfworxlab is a collaborative group of several custom lightsaber designers and makers including: Solo’s Hold, Obi-Shane, Crucible Custom Props and GOTH-3Designs.

Additionally, the GOTH-3Designs website has a very helpful section for DIY builders called Lightsabers and Props Page.

GOTH-3Designs Shapeways Store

GOTH-3Designs website

COVER IMAGE GOTH-3Designs chassis with a Solo’s Hold Corran Horn lightsaber hilt

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