GOTH-3Designs: Lightsaber Chassis and Accessory Company | Lightsaber Company Spotlight

GOTH-3Designs lightsaber chassis

GOTH-3Designs, sometimes called GOTH-3D, is a 3D printed lightsaber chassis and accessory company. Based in France, GOTH-3D primarily operates out of the GOTH-3Designs Shapeways store. Shapeways is a 3D printing service and marketplace. Although most GOTH-3Designs products are sold through the Shapeways store, some of the company’s lightsaber chassis are available for purchase in The … Read more

Sith Bunny Blade Plugs: Turbine and Logo Blade Plugs and Inserts | Lightsaber Company Spotlight

Sith Bunny Blade Plugs

Sith Bunny Blade Plugs, a United States based Etsy store and Shapeways shop, creates high-end reactor and turbine lightsaber blade plugs. Josh Marlan, the founder of Sith Bunny Blade Plugs, first opened his Etsy store in 2016, designing and hand-crafting a wide selection of blade blade plugs including: Turbo Blade Plug, Turbo Stator Blade Plug, … Read more

What is a chassis? | Lightsaber Terminology

lightsaber chassis inside Sabertrio hilt

A lightsaber chassis is a protective structure that encases part or all of the internal lightsaber components and electronics. Sabertrio uses a protective chassis for the battery packs on their stunt sabers. The chassis helps keep the battery pack locked in place so it doesn’t shift around and aggravate the wiring during dueling. The Sabertrio battery … Read more

Stunning LightSaber Blade Shroud Dragon by MU4MA6 on Shapeways

Lightsaber Blade Shroud Dragon by MU4MA6 (Photo Credit: MU4MA6)

MU4MA6, a 3D artist and game developer based in Japan, has designed a stunning LightSaber Blade Shroud Dragon that he’s selling on Shapeways, an on-demand 3D printing marketplace and service. The Dragon Shroud measures 2.69 x 3.32 x 3.79 inches and is offered in a nylon plastic (many color options) as well as a translucent plastic. … Read more