The most exciting part about Bendu Armory is NOT the carbon fiber lightsaber hilt

Bendu Armory custom saber with QuickSwap chassis

Many lightsaber enthusiasts are talking about Bendu Armory, a new custom lightsaber manufacturer, because of the release of their carbon fiber lightsaber. Most current duel worthy lightsaber hilts are made from aluminum. Bendu Armory has developed the first carbon fiber lightsaber, or at least the first widely released carbon fiber lightsaber, on the market. Everyone’s … Read more

What is a chassis? | Lightsaber Terminology

lightsaber chassis inside Sabertrio hilt

A lightsaber chassis is a protective structure that encases part or all of the internal lightsaber components and electronics. Sabertrio uses a protective chassis for the battery packs on their stunt sabers. The chassis helps keep the battery pack locked in place so it doesn’t shift around and aggravate the wiring during dueling. The Sabertrio battery … Read more

What is ‘saber rattle’? | Lightsaber Terminology

custom saber battery pack

‘Saber rattle’ or wobble or lightsaber hilt rattle is when some of the internal components of a lightsaber move around and make some noise. For example some Ultrasabers lightsaber will experience saber rattle because the LED module is not held in place with a retention screw. Some lightsabers also have loose, unsecured battery packs, which … Read more