Bendu Armory Kirak Lightsaber (Curved-Hilt) | New Saber Alert

Bendu Armory Kirak lightsaber

The Bendu Armory Kirak Lightsaber has been released. The custom saber hilt, which is made from carbon fiber, is inspired by the design of the Kirak Infil’a curved-hilt lightsaber that comes into the possession of Darth Vader. The Bendu Armory Kirak lightsaber is available as a full pixel saber with a Quick Swap Core or … Read more

What are lightsabers made out of?

group of lightsabers

What are lightsabers made out of? Most lightsabers, made for collecting or dueling purposes, are made out of metal. But some lightsaber are made out of other materials as well. Let’s take a closer look at what lightsabers are made out of. Aluminum LightsabersMost lightsabers that are made out of metal are made out of … Read more

Top 4 Things We Learned from Bendu Armory’s Interview with

Bendu Armory custom saber hilts

SaberSourcing recently interviewed Bendu Armory founder Andrew Woods. We talked about his new custom saber company, which is making a name for itself by constructing carbon fiber lightsabers. Here are the top four things we learned about the carbon fiber lightsaber manufacturer, Bendu Armory. Watch Top 4 Things We Learned from Bendu Armory’s Interview with … Read more

How Bendu Armory Developed the Carbon Fiber Lightsaber: An Interview with Founder Andrew Woods

Bendu Armory custom saber hilts

Although most custom lightsaber manufacturers produce metal lightsabers, newcomer Bendu Armory decided to develop a carbon fiber lightsaber instead. The company released its first carbon fiber lightsaber, The Obsidian, in July 2018 and plans to release two additional carbon fiber lightsaber designs in the near future. SaberSourcing interviewed Bendu Armory founder and CEO Andrew Woods about … Read more

The most exciting part about Bendu Armory is NOT the carbon fiber lightsaber hilt

Bendu Armory custom saber with QuickSwap chassis

Many lightsaber enthusiasts are talking about Bendu Armory, a new custom lightsaber manufacturer, because of the release of their carbon fiber lightsaber. Most current duel worthy lightsaber hilts are made from aluminum. Bendu Armory has developed the first carbon fiber lightsaber, or at least the first widely released carbon fiber lightsaber, on the market. Everyone’s … Read more

Bendu Armory CANCELS Carbon Fiber Lightsaber Kickstarter Campaign

Bendu Armory cancels carbon fiber lightsaber Kickstarter

Bendu Armory, a new custom lightsaber company, cancelled their Kickstarter campaign on July 6, 2018. The company has announced that instead they will be launching their lightsaber via their Facebook page and their website. I just visited their website and there’s currently nothing there. They will likely add more information to the website in the … Read more