What are lightsabers made out of?

group of lightsabers

What are lightsabers made out of? Most lightsabers, made for collecting or dueling purposes, are made out of metal. But some lightsaber are made out of other materials as well. Let’s take a closer look at what lightsabers are made out of. Aluminum LightsabersMost lightsabers that are made out of metal are made out of … Read more

Free Lightsabers for Everybody: An Interview with Thingiverse Lightsaber Designer Brad Harris

Brad Harris lightsabers

In his spare time, toy designer Brad Harris develops 1:1 scale 3D printed lightsaber hilts. He posts the lightsaber files for free on Thingiverse. Harris, who goes by the username CaseStudyno8, has posted 31 lightsaber hilts so far along with 4 other Star Wars props, including Chirrut Imwe’s Staff. All of his lightsaber designs are inspired … Read more