Bendu Armory CANCELS Carbon Fiber Lightsaber Kickstarter Campaign

Bendu Armory, a new custom lightsaber company, cancelled their Kickstarter campaign on July 6, 2018. The company has announced that instead they will be launching their lightsaber via their Facebook page and their website. I just visited their website and there’s currently nothing there. They will likely add more information to the website in the coming days and weeks, but for the time being, most their information is on the Bendu Armory Facebook page.

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Watch Bendu Armory CANCELS Carbon Fiber Lightsaber Kickstarter Campaign on YouTube

Bendu Armory is differentiating themselves from existing lightsaber companies by developing a carbon fiber lightsaber. Carbon fiber is a material used in some bicycles, tennis rackets, wallets and more. Some lightsaber enthusiasts are exited about the Bendu Armory lightsaber because carbon fiber is lighter than aluminum and can be quite durable. Others are a bit more skeptical because under certain conditions carbon fiber may shatter.

Bendu Armory Facebook page

Bendu Armory website

SaberSourcing YouTube Viewers Weigh In:
“the biggest factor that makes a ‘lightsaber’ not feel like a toy is the metal hilt. carbon fiber is im sure a fine material for this application, but it begs the question: why?” — ciaphas cyne

“I’m going to get one.” — Tim S

“Carbon fiber sounds interesting…I’d rather wait to hear others review that material as a saber, before I consider taking the plunge” — ravenryuu

“I am very skeptical. Did they recently get new angel investors or venture capital? What happens to the money they got from their KickStarter supporters? I am going to sit back and see where they go with this.” — ro c

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