What are lightsabers made out of?

What are lightsabers made out of? Most lightsabers, made for collecting or dueling purposes, are made out of metal. But some lightsaber are made out of other materials as well. Let’s take a closer look at what lightsabers are made out of.

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Aluminum Lightsabers
Most lightsabers that are made out of metal are made out of aluminum. Aluminum is relatively inexpensive, affordable, lightweight and somewhat durable, making the material a common choice among lightsaber makers.

Lightsabers Made from or with Other Metals
Lightsabers are sometimes made out of other metals, like steel. Lightsabers will also often incorporate other metals like: copper, brass, or nickel into the design.

PVC Lightsabers
Some lightsaber makers use PVC, which is lightweight and inexpensive. In the early days of Ultrasabers, the custom saber manufacturer made PVC lightsaber hilts (they now make aluminum hilts). ACLightsabers, a lightsaber Etsy store based in Malaysia [AFFILIATE LINK], currently makes many affordable lightsaber hilts with PVC.

PLA Lightsabers (3D Printed)
PLA is another common material for lightsaber hilts due to the increasing popularity in 3D printing. Many 3D printers use PLA filament (a type of plastic). PLA printed lightsaber hilts are intended for display or cosplay purposes and not for dueling. Many sellers offer 3D printed lightsabers on Etsy [AFFILIATE LINK]. Thingiverse also has many 3D printed lightsaber hilt designs. Thingiverse designer CaseStudyNo8 (Brad Harris) has many popular lightsaber hilt designs.

Resin Lightsabers
Some official prop lightsabers, like some lightsaber hilts made by EFX Collectibles, are made from resin. Resin lightsabers are intended for display and collecting only. A few custom lightsabers are made from resin as well, but it’s not very common. Warblades Studio, an Etsy seller based in Spain [AFFILIATE LINK], used to make 1:1 scale resin lightsabers, but has discontinued the product line in 2018.

Carbon Fiber Lightsabers
Bendu Armory, a custom lightsaber company that launched in 2018, is making carbon fiber lightsabers, which are lighter than aluminum lightsabers.

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