What’s the SMALLEST lightsaber?

Small Lightsabers within Star Wars Canon
Within the Star Wars Canon, Yoda is known for wielding one of the smallest lightsabers (short lightsabers are sometimes referred to as lightsaber shoto). Other characters, like Ahsoka Tano, have used a lightsaber shoto an off-hand weapon.

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Entertainment Earth Force FX Elite Obi-Wan Kenobi Lightsaber
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TRENDING All of the Togruta Jedi: Ahsoka Tano’s Species

Custom Saber Companies That Make Lightsaber Shotos
Some custom saber companies manufacture shotos, although the company does not always call the short lightsabers shotos. Saberforge has an entire Shoto Sabers line, including shorter versions (around 8 inches long) of several Apprentice hilt designs. Ultrasabers Initiate V2 and Dark Initiate V2 hilts are 8.75 inches long. Sabersmith Shameem Moshrefzadeh created a squat, Graflex inspired lightsaber called StubbyFlex.

Master Replicas and EFX Collectibles 0.45 Scale Lightsabers
Master Replicas used to manufacture a series small, 0.45 scale lightsaber replicas as affordable alternatives to their 1:1 scale lightsaber hilts. EFX Collectibles produced one 0.45 scale lightsaber called Rey’s Lightsaber for the Star Wars themed December 2017 Loot Crate DX.

What’s the smallest lightsaber that I own?

LEGO lightsabers
LEGO lightsabers are cute and versatile!

The smallest lightsabers that I own are actually…LEGO lightsabers! The adorably tiny LEGO lightsabers are by far the smallest and cutest lightsaber that I own. LEGO lightsabers are inexpensive and can be used for different Star Wars themed projects. LEGO lightsabers can be used for: earrings, necklaces, keychains, or (non-edible) cake toppers, etc. Star Wars action figure lightsabers are also very small and more detailed that LEGO lightsabers.

Where to Find Small Lightsabers [INCLUDES AFFILIATE LINKS]

Search eBay for LEGO lightsabers
Search eBay for Master Replicas 0.45 Scale Lightsabers
Saberforge Shoto Sabers on Etsy
Ultrasabers Initiate and Dark Initiate V2 Lightsabers

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What’s the smallest lightsaber that you own?

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