Lightsaber Blade Shroud Dragon by MU4MA6 (Photo Credit: MU4MA6)

Stunning LightSaber Blade Shroud Dragon by MU4MA6 on Shapeways

MU4MA6, a 3D artist and game developer based in Japan, has designed a stunning LightSaber Blade Shroud Dragon that he’s selling on Shapeways [AFFILIATE LINK], an on-demand 3D printing marketplace and service.

The Dragon Shroud measures 2.69 x 3.32 x 3.79 inches and is offered in a nylon plastic (many color options) as well as a translucent plastic. The dragon can be painted and personalized by the customer as well. The LightSaber Blade Shroud Dragon is designed to be attached to a 1 inch diameter lightsaber blade.

MU4MA6 also sells 5 styles of LightSaber Blade Lightning that attach to a 1 inch diameter lightsaber blade. The blade lightning could be combined with the LightSaber Blade Shroud Dragon as well.

I don’t have any personal experience with the dragon shroud or the blade lightning, but they both look very cool in the photos and may be worth a look.

MU4MA6’s Store on Shapeways [AFFILIATE LINK]


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