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Sith Bunny Blade Plugs, a United States based Etsy store and Shapeways shop, creates high-end reactor and turbine lightsaber blade plugs.

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Sith Bunny Blade Plugs
Sith Bunny Blade Plugs (top row) and Sith Bunny Blade Plug Inserts (bottom row) | IMAGE CREDIT Sith Bunny

Josh Marlan, the founder of Sith Bunny Blade Plugs, first opened his Etsy store in 2016, designing and hand-crafting a wide selection of blade blade plugs including: Turbo Blade Plug, Turbo Stator Blade Plug, Afterburn Blade Plug, and blade plugs with various Star Wars logos. Additional variations on the main designs use: photon blade stock, a center bullet, center post (Graflex style), etc. Sith Bunny Blade Plugs use a glow in the dark core.

Sith Bunny stopped selling blade plugs in his Etsy store in December 2018, citing low sales from increased demand for neopixel lightsabers. Neopixel lightsabers require a specialized neopixel blade plug or blade plug adapter. “Since blade plug tech is changing,” Sith Bunny wrote on Facebook, “I decided to stop producing my standard assembled plugs.” (Source: Sith Bunny Facebook Post from 12/8/2018; Retrieved 6/3/20)

Although Sith Bunny has stopped selling blade plugs on Etsy, the company has made several DIY blade plug inserts available for purchase in the Sith Bunny Blade Plugs Shapeways store. Available blade plug inserts include: Turbo, Light Order (Resistance logo inspired), Dark Stator, and Rebellious Order (Rebel logo inspired).

Lightsaber enthusiasts may be able to find secondhand Sith Bunny Blade Plugs by searching on eBay [affiliate link] or looking in lightsaber-themed Facebook Groups, although the availability will fluctuate.

Sith Bunny founder Josh Marlan has shifted focus away from blade plugs to his Cottontail Customs company, which customizes Japanese swords and creates custom tsuba (hand guards for Japanese swords). He also stays active in the custom saber community by occasionally doing custom Japanese-sword style tsuba and tsuka wraps for some Darth Alice custom lightsaber commissions.

Sith Bunny Etsy Store affiliate link STORE NO LONGER SELLS BLADE PLUGS

Sith Bunny Blade Plugs Shapeways Shop

Cottontail Customs website

COVER IMAGE CREDIT: Sith Bunny Blade Plugs
image depicts multiple Sith Bunny Blade Plug complete blade plugs (top row) and DIY blade plug inserts (bottom row)

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