Sith Bunny Discontinues Entire Lightsaber Blade Plug Line

Sith Bunny, a popular lightsaber blade plug seller on Etsy, has discontinued production of his entire lightsaber blade plug line, citing low sales. Sith Bunny attributes poor sales of his lightsaber blade plugs, all of which were static, to the increased demand for neopixel lightsabers and accessories. Neopixel lightsabers use specialized neopixel blade plugs instead of traditional static lightsaber blade plugs.

Sith Bunny, who opened his Etsy store in 2016, had designed and developed a wide selection of attractive lightsaber blade plug styles, including logo blade plugs as well as sought-after rotary inspired designs, like Afterburner and Stator.

Sith Bunny’s Etsy store, now called CottontailCustoms, remains open and offers katana accessories instead of blade plugs.

In the future, Sith Bunny intends open a Shapeways store to sell lightsaber blade plug inserts.

CottontailCustoms Etsy Store [AFFILIATE LINK]


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