Solo’s Hold Corran Horn Lightsaber Full Review | Speeder Bike Handle

This is a Solo’s Hold Corran Horn lightsaber. It’s sometimes referred to as ‘Maverick’. The Corran Horn lightsaber was limited edition and is out of production.

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Corran Horn inspired lightsabers have developed a cult following among lightsaber enthusiasts due to popularity of the Corran Horn character (who is now part of Star Wars Legends) as well as the intriguing backstory of the lightsaber itself, which Horn constructed using a salvaged speeder bike handle.

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Solo’s Hold called the hilt “one of the most interesting Lightsabers I have ever worked on, and is one of my all time favorites”. The design of the hilt is inspired by speeder bikes depicted in Return of the Jedi as well as descriptions of the lightsaber’s construction in the Star Wars Legends novel I, Jedi (Source: ‘CORRAN HORN Limited Edition Run 2017’)

Solo’s Hold Corran Horn lightsaber hilt indeed convincingly resembles a speeder bike handle, especially due to the supplementary metal attachment that flares out of the pommel. The hilt features a bright red squarish button on the pommel (the button is decorative only and non-functional). The grip features sections of ring textures and some small slots as well.

The lightsaber is very small. It’s only 8 inches long, making it more of a shoto lightsaber or one-handed lightsaber for many users. The lightsaber was only available anodized black, as shown. Overall, it’s a light-weight, maneuverable and short lightsaber. The hilt is designed to accommodate a 1 inch diameter blade. A heat sink is included.

Right out of the box, the Solo’s Hold Corran Horn lightsaber makes a great display piece or shelf queen. The hilt could accommodate an electronics install by a sabersmith or end-user as well.

Solo’s Hold worked with other companies, who made additional accessories tailored to the Corran Horn hilt including:
Darklyte Customs Corran Horn Saber Stand
Darkside Engineering Corran Horn Blade Plug
GOTH-3Designs Corran Horn Chassis

‘CORRAN HORN Limited Edition Run 2017’ Thread in The Rebel Armory:

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