Lightsabers and Winning Big: An Interview with The Pach Store

Unlike many other custom lightsaber companies, Hong Kong based The Pach Store (TPS) sells lightsabers from multiple manufacturers including: Ultimate Works, WonderForce and YDD Saber. Lightsabers range from affordable sound sabers, like the ever popular Tiny Giant Kyojin, to midrange movie inspired hilts by Ultimate Works, to unusual and non-standard lightsabers like a black-bladed Dark Saber and even Saber Nunchucks. The Pach Store sells movie replicas and collectible statues/figures as well.

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SaberSourcing interviewed The Pach Store’s Aaron Lin about his custom lightsaber and collectibles company.

How did you become interested in lightsabers?

I was 5 when I first played with those plastic lightsabers, loved it to bits and like everyone else broke them. I remember wishing to have more of those back then… little knowing that one day I would be making them myself.

How did you decide to start The Pach Store?
It began with buying limited edition figurines for my friends from Japan or Hong Kong, word spread by mouth and a group of us founded a [Facebook] group – it grew from there and starting a storefront was the next step.

What inspired the name ‘The Pach Store’?
I used to work on cruiselines and was once out in port for work- I lost my wallet out in port one day after shopping for toys for friends. I was left with a mere 500 yen and had to walk a good 2 hours back to the ship, halfway through I saw a Pachinko Arcade (Japanese Pinball) – decided to try my luck and won big. It stuck to me on how lucky I was and decided to include it.

Can you describe the relationship between the companies WonderForce and The Pach Store? Some lightsaber enthusiasts seem to get the two companies confused with each other.
Ultimate Works and WonderForce are signature brands where they create their own products. The Pach Store distributes sabers from multiple makers including them.

What advice would you give to someone considering buying their very first lightsaber?
Make sure to do your research. Watch Youtube videos, read through the groups before making your first purchase.

How does The Pach Store plan to address trending lightsaber technologies like neopixel and the Proffieboard?
We have had stringblade tech for a few years now and it does sound like a good time to release a upgraded version. We acquired a good number of Proffieboards and will offer them in the near future.

How did opening the United States warehouse fit into The Pach Store’s larger plan? How soon will you expand the United States warehouse selection to include more products?
It was something I have been wanting to do for a long time, especially with our increasing sales of statues and movie replicas it really helped bring down shipping costs for many of our customers. The trial of custom sabers definitely proved that we are heading in the right direction but expanding the selection might take some time as we seem to be short on inventory to do a proper stocking.

In which other countries would you envision opening a warehouse?
UK/EU, this is definitely the next step once we stabilize the US warehouse.

What’s your favorite lightsaber from Star Wars Canon or Legends and why?
Definitely the Graflex, it started it all!

What’s next for you?
So many new sabers and new tech that I can’t wait to show everyone. Make sure to follow our Facebook page for the latest updates!

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The Pach Store website

The Pach Store Facebook page

Left: The Tiny Giant (Kyojin)
Right: Shadowblade Dark Saber

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