Yes, Bruce Lee Style Lightsaber Nunchucks DO exist: The Pach Store Sells Them

Patrick Nan posted a video called “Bruce Lee Lightsabers Scene Recreation” on his YouTube channel in January 2018. The video, which adds lightsabers to a fight scene in Lee’s film Fists of Fury, went viral, earning over 2 million views as August 2018. Nan had been inspired to create the lightsaber fan edit of the scene after seeing a fan art piece of Bruce Lee brandishing yellow-bladed nunchucks.

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Watch Bruce Lee Lightsabers Scene Recreation by Patrick Nan

The popular Bruce Lee lightsaber nunchucks video invariably prompted many YouTubers to wonder, “Where can I buy my own lightsaber nunchucks?” Surprisingly, or perhaps not surprisingly, lightsaber nunchucks actually do exist. Hong Kong based custom saber company The Pach Store sells ‘Saber Nunchaku / Nunchucks’ for $59.00 plus shipping. The buyer can select from several different hilt colors and blade colors (oddly, yellow bladed nunchucks are not available). The lightsaber nunchucks do not have sound.

CAUTION: Keep in mind that some states and countries restrict or ban personal possession of nunchucks, so check your local laws before purchasing lightsaber nunchucks.

Although The Pach Store is one of the largest and most popular vendors of lightsaber nunchucks, the product is manufactured by YDD Saber and various vendors on Alibaba Express or other websites may sell the same product as well.

Saber Nunchaku / Nunchucks from The Pach Store:

IMAGE CREDIT: The Pach Store

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