Saberforge Round Reactor Blade Plug for Lightsaber Full Review

The Saberforge Round Reactor lightsaber blade plug is available in several different colors: Silver, Brass, Silver V2, and Brass V2. The one shown in this article is Silver. The blade plug is offered in several lengths ranging from 1 inch up to 3.25 inches.

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For most lightsaber enthusiasts, shorter blade plugs will suffice, as long the blade plug is long enough to reach the blade retention screw. Lightsabers with windows in the emitter, however, may require longer blade plugs to reach the bottom of the windows.

Saberforge Reactor Blade Plug while illuminated with a green LED

The Saberforge Reactor Blade Plug does not have a lip on the top. The blade plug is a uniform diameter throughout (the top plastic piece may be nominally smaller in diameter). The body of the blade plug is a frosted polycarbonate. The top piece is a thin piece of black plastic with a chrome silver color added on top.

The Reactor Blade Plug is one of the cheaper and more basic blade plugs that Saberforge sells. It’s 1 inch in diameter (all Saberforge blade plugs are 1 inch in diameter). The 1 inch diameter Saberforge blade plugs should be compatible with lightsabers made by any custom saber company that accommodate 1 inch diameter blades.

The Reactor Blade Plug design features a central circle surrounded by an outer circle of windows around the edge. The design looks similar to the Iron Man chest plate. Overall, the Saberforge Reactor Blade Plug is a very attractive, symmetrical and simple design.

Reactor Blade Plug from the Saberforge Etsy Store [AFFILIATE LINK]

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