What are the ‘Big Three’ custom lightsaber manufacturers?

The so called ‘Big Three’ custom lightsaber manufacturers are three large, established and popular custom saber companies. The Big Three custom saber companies are: Ultrasabers, Saberforge and Vader’s Vault. All three companies are well known in the custom saber community and sell a high volume of lightsabers. All of the Big Three companies are based in the United States.

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Ultrasabers sells some of the most affordable lightsabers out of the Big Three. Ultrasabers offers many stunt sabers (no sound) for under $100. The company also offers a variety of hilt styles and features. Some of their hilts are original designs and others look similar to hilts depicted in the movies an on TV.

Ultrasabers tends to ship lightsabers quickly, often within 1 or 2 weeks. The company may ship a bit slower during the holiday season or around the time of a Star Wars movie release due to heightened demand. Ultrasabers lacks the diverse customizing and personalizing options of Saberforge and Vader’s Vault.

Mystery Box Sabers and Grab Bag Sabers are some of the most popular items sold by Ultrasabers.

Ultrasabers is almost always running a sale of some kind, except when the company is backlogged with orders due to the holiday rush or a movie release.

https://www.etsy.com/shop/Saberforge [AFFILIATE LINK]
Saberforge offers the widest selection of lightsaber hilt styles out of the Big Three. Saberforge also offers a wide variety of customizing options including: etching, leather wraps, finishes, powder coating, etc. The company also sells more non-lightsaber products than Ultrasabers or Vader’s Vault. Some non-lightsaber products include: blasters, wallets, controversial Saber Pipes, etc.

The Saberforge shipping speed varies. Some of the fastest Saberforge orders are shipped within 1 or 2 months. Slower orders are shipped with in 6 months or even longer. Orders placed in the Saberforge Etsy store [AFFILIATE LINK] often ship faster than orders placed on the Saberforge website, although the Saberforge Etsy store’s inventory and customizing options are much more limited than the website.

Saberforge Mystery Box Sabers are popular sellers, but often sell out quickly and are only replenished periodically after Saberforge attends conventions.

Saberforge is almost always running a sale of some kind, except when the company is backlogged with orders due to the holiday rush or a movie release.

Vader’s Vault is considered by many saber enthusiasts to be the most high end lightsaber company of the Big Three. Vader’s Vault offers a variety of hilt styles and customizing options, but, like Saberforge, the shipping speed is often quite slow (several months, minimum).

Although Vader’s Vault has not held any sales in several years, periodically the company will sell Ready To Ship (RTS) lightsabers. The Ready to Ship lightsabers are released in batches, often after Vader’s Vault attends conventions. Ready to Ship lightsabers cannot be customized, but ship very quickly (usually in about 1 week). Whenever Vader’s Vault releases a batch of RTS lightsabers, the inventory typically sells out very quickly.

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In recent years, we’ve seen several exciting newcomers enter the custom saber market.

Some notable newer, up-and-coming lightsaber companies include:
Sabertrio Malaysia [Sabertrio is also on Etsy AFFILIATE LINK]
Electrum Sabercrafts Canada
The Pach Store Hong Kong
WonderForce Hong Kong [WonderForce is also on Etsy AFFILIATE LINK]

Unlike the Big Three custom saber companies, which are all based in the United States, many up-and-coming custom saber companies are based outside of the United States, with United States based Kyberlight being a notable exception.

It will be interesting to see how the newer lightsaber companies may drive innovation, disrupt the custom saber market, and possibly change some of the ways that Ultrasabers, Saberforge and Vader’s Vault run their businesses.

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