Saberforge Vengeance lightsaber hilt full review

The Saberforge [Etsy AFFILIATE LINK] Vengeance lightsaber hilt is an Exar Kun style lightsaber hilt. The version I have is weathered. Saberforge’s weathered finish features a series of black rings, applied with a lathe, that make the hilt look darker and more tarnished than standard finish hilts.

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Vengeance is an empty hilt, which Saberforge calls ‘Initiate Tier’. The hilt is 11.5 inches long from the longest part of the emitter area to the pommel. The length of the hilt from the shorter part of the emitter to the pommel is 10 inches long. It’s about 1.5 inches in diameter. The hilt is a pretty standard size: not to long and not too short.

My favorite part about Vengeance is the seven windows in the emitter! The emitter features one long, vertical window along with two sets of three ‘shark gill’ horizontal slits on either side of the emitter.

Below the emitter area is a blade retention screw and an upper grip area and a lower grip area. The Vengeance grips are made of metal, not plastic or rubber like some other lightsaber grips.

The middle of the hilt, between the upper and lower grip areas, features two dummy switches. Saberforge install decorative, non-functional dummy switches on their empty lightsaber hilts by default. The dummy switches are nice if you’re planning on using the hilt as a static display piece or cosplay accessory. But if you’re planning on doing your own electronics install at some point, the dummy switches are glued in so you may end up drilling them out.

The overall hilt design uses many vertical lines, including the large window in the emitter and the two grip sections. The horizontal ‘shark gill’ windows complement the vertical lines.

The bottom of the hilt features a Covertec wheel, which comes standard with most Saberforge lightsaber hilts. Finally, the pommel is a slim, low-profile design. Since it’s low profile, there’s not much surface area to grip, so the pommel may be slightly harder to remove if it gets stuck. Vengeance is two-piece hilt, comprised primarily of the body along with the low profile pommel.

Saberforge released Vengeance in 2015 and discontinued the hilt design in July 2018.

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