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Ebay seller aynranfan [AFFILIATE LINK] is selling multiple movie inspired lightsaber hilts, including:
• Graflex (Skywalker inspired)
• Sidious inspired
• Maul inspired
• Kenobi ANH inspired
• Kenobi Episode I inspired
• Kylo Ren inspired (Crystal Reveal)
• Skywalker ROTJ inspired (Crystal Reveal)
• Vader Inspired

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Most of the aynranfan lightsaber hilts, which are sold assembled and empty (no electronics), are listed for about $100 to $200 each (free United States shipping; international shipping via USPS Priority Mail costs extra). Similar empty movie hilts from other companies often sell for around $150-$250+.

The Vault thread about aynranfan
Excerpt from “Anyone can tell me more about the guy selling the Korbanth hilts for 99.99 on ebay?” Facebook topic in The Vault: A Custom Lightsaber Community (1/31/2019)

The hilts could be displayed immediately, since they are shipping assembled. The hilts are empty and can be disassembled to accommodate electronics installs, however, the switches may be glued onto the hilt. Buyers may try requesting an unassembled hilt.

Some of the lightsaber hilts are sold individually, and some of them are sold in 2 or 3 lightsaber hilt bundles. The seller states he will not break apart the bundles and sell the hilts separately.

The Skywalker ROTJ inspired hilt, which is listed for $199.99, includes a working activation box and working crystal chamber (blade electronics not included).

I purchased the Graflex lightsaber hilt from eBay seller aynranfan. The hilt was shipped from Jeffrey Parks, who is the founder of Park Sabers.

Find aynranfan empty lightsaber hilts on eBay [AFFILIATE LINK]

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Watch $99.99 ‘Graflex 2.0 Rey Lightsaber Hilt Prop’ Unboxing aynranfan eBay seller Jeffrey Parks on YouTube

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