Sabertrio to Release Mirah Lightsaber (New Saber Alert)

Sabertrio, a Malaysia based custom saber manufacturer, announced the release of a new lightsaber called Mirah. Mirah, the 5th and newest lightsaber hilt design by Sabertrio, will join four existing Sabertrio lightsaber hilt designs: Arclyte, Skylar, Aeryn, and Valhken. Mirah will be priced between Skylar and Arclyte, making the lightsaber Sabertrio’s second least expensive saber.

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Mirah features several design elements intended to make the hilt easier to customize. The grip section features rings on either end that could help secure the edges of a leather wrap or other grip section wrap. The pommel features a small end cap with a hole in it. The small end cap allows the user to attach a tassel or D-ring. The end cap is also removable.

Mirah features two vertical windows in the s-curve shaped emitter area. Below the emitter area is a choke point for spinning or customizing (i.e. adding a ribbon or wrap), a raised AV switch section (with recessed AV switch), a ringed grip area, and pommel with removable end cap.

Mirah will become available for purchase on Friday January 11, 2019 in three configurations: Stunt Saber (no sound), FX Saber (sound saber with Plecter Labs Pico Crumble board), and Neo Saber (neopixel saber with Plecter Labs Nano Biscotte V4 board).

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