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The Parks Sabers Double Helix lightsaber, a vintage custom saber circa 2003, is an original design with three pincer-like claws in the emitter area. Park Sabers initially released Double Helix as an EL Saber (with electro-luminescent blades) and later as a Phase Saber (with in-blade LED lighting). Originally released around 2003, the Park Sabers Double Helix lightsaber is discontinued and now considered a classic or vintage custom saber design.

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Parks Sabers Double Helix lightsaber
Parks Sabers Double Helix lightsaber | IMAGE CREDIT Parks Sabers

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The Parks Sabers Double Helix lightsaber is machined from aluminum. The lightsaber may be configured as a double-bladed saberstaff or separated into two individual lightsabers. The two-toned Double Helix lightsaber is mostly metallic silver in color with black accents (Note: Parks Sabers produced at least two different finishes styles, as shown in the photo above). The three pincer-like emitter claws serve as one of the most menacing and defining design features of the Double Helix. Sections of thin, vertical notches populate most of the hilt body.

Double Helix Lightsaber: EL Saber and Phase Saber

Parks Sabers manufactured the Double Helix lightsaber with two electronics configurations: EL Saber and Phase Saber. The EL Saber Double Helix lightsaber is constructed with electro-luminescent lamp technology housed inside a polycarbonate tube. EL Saber blade color options, in order of intensity, are: green, blue, purple, yellow, orange and reddish pink. The blade is removable.

The Phase Saber Double Helix lightsaber is equipped with a Phase Blade. A Phase Blade houses an LED lighting system inside a removable polycarbonate blade. The blade houses all electronics and also features blade diffusion. Phase Blades ignite and retract with the saber scroll effect. The Phase Blade may be activated in one of two modes: Full Power mode or Phase Blade mode, which creates a strobing effect. Phase Sabers operate using a quantity of two CR123 camera batteries. The Parks Sabers Force Touch circuit board or a metal momentary button activates the lightsaber.

Parks Sabers founder Jeffrey Parks sell empty saber hilts on eBay affiliate link

Parks Sabers, based in the United States, pioneered early custom sabers and custom saber technology. The founder, Jeffrey Parks, first started building sabers in 1993. Jeffrey Parks continues to sell empty lightsaber hilts on eBay under the username aynranfan.

Image depicts the Parks Sabers Double Helix lightsaber

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