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The Parks Saber Conflict Stunt lightsaber, a custom saber, is an original design sharing some similarities with the Skywalker lightsaber including an s-curve emitter and t-track grips. Originally released in 2006, Parks Sabers has discontinued the Conflict Stunt design.

Parks Sabers founder Jeffrey Parks sell empty saber hilts on eBay
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Parks Sabers Conflict Stunt lightsaber
Parks Sabers Conflict Stunt Lightsaber | IMAGE CREDIT Parks Sabers

The Conflict Stunt lightsaber is comprised of an aircraft grade aluminum hilt (no heavy castings) with a steel emitter for durability. The hilt features a detachable brass activation box and grill. The D-ring detaches from the hilt as well. The Conflict Stunt is designed display or cosplay. The saber is also designed for spinning, dulons (i.e. martial arts style kata), choreography, etc. The saber is NOT intended for dueling. The polycarbonate blade, which is available as an upgrade, contains Flouro-Morie-Carbonate sheeting inside the tube for coloration.

Parks Sabers, based in the United States, is a pioneering company of early custom sabers and custom saber technology. The Parks Sabers found, Jeffrey Parks, first started constructing sabers in 1993. Jeffrey Parks continues to sell empty lightsaber hilts on eBay under the username aynranfan.

Image depicts the Parks Sabers Conflict Stunt lightsaber

Parks Sabers founder Jeffrey Parks sell empty saber hilts on eBay
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