Kaizen Saber Opens Neopixel Ripper Blades Run | NEW PRODUCT ALERT

Custom lightsaber company Kaizen Saber, based in Canada, opened an anticipated limited run of neopixel Ripper Blades called Ripper Pixel Blades. The Ripper Pixel Blades limited run is a collaborative project: the blades are handcrafted by Ripper Blades and installed with neopixel electronics by Kaizen Saber. The blades range in price from $210 to $230. The Ripper Pixel Blade limited run closes on February 28, 2019.

Kaizen Saber https://kaizensaber.com

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Firestorm Ripper Pixel Blade (neopixel blade)

Ripper Pixel Blade Designs
Most of the blade designs seem to take inspiration from fire, lightning, and the sky. Ripper Pixel Blade designs available in the limited run include: Firestorm, Synthwave, New Mexico Sunset, Electric Red, Crimson Sun, Light Blue. Custom blade type and paint options are available as well.

Ripper Pixel Blade Discounts
Kaizen Saber is offering discounts to buyers who purchase more than one Ripper Pixel Blade. The discounts include:
BUY 2 BLADE, GET $20 off of your order ($10 off/blade) use coupon code “PIXELTWO”
BUY 3 BLADES, GET $45 off of your order ($15 off/blade) use coupon code “PIXELTHREE”
(order may include any combination of Ripper Pixel Blades, Custom Ripper Pixel Blades, and Trans White Pixel Blades from Kaizen Saber)

Ripper Pixel Blade Shipping Speed
Kaizen Sabers estimates orders will ship between 5-6 weeks after the close of the run on February 28, 2019.

* * *

Ripper Blades plans to add neopixel blades their store as a stock item by the end of 2019. Ripper Blades also states that standard, non-neopixel versions of the new Ripper Pixel Blade designs will soon become available in the Ripper Blades store.

* * *

Kaizen Saber https://kaizensaber.com

Ripper Blades Website https://ripperblades.net

Ripper Blades (Etsy) https://www.etsy.com/shop/ripperblades affiliate link

Image depicts Firestorm Ripper Pixel Blade

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