Kaizen Saber Okami Lightsaber (Katana Saber) | New Saber Alert

Kaizen Saber Okami lightsaber

Kaizen Saber has unveiled the Okami lightsaber. The custom saber is a katana lightsaber, inspired by the design of the Japanese katana.

Kaizen Saber Opens Neopixel Ripper Blades Run | NEW PRODUCT ALERT

Firestorm Ripper Pixel Blade

Custom lightsaber company Kaizen Saber, based in Canada, opened an anticipated limited run of neopixel Ripper Blades called Ripper Pixel Blades. The Ripper Pixel Blades limited run is a collaborative project: the blades are handcrafted by Ripper Blades and installed with neopixel electronics by Kaizen Saber. The blades range in price from $210 to $230. … Read more