Saberforge Empty Hilts (Initiate Tier): What to expect

Saberforge Prodigal Son lightsaber and Saberforge Fallen lightsaber

What’s included with Saberforge empty hilts or Initiate Tier lightsabers, as Saberforge calls them? Saberforge Fallen and Saberforge Prodigal Son, both featured in the article’s photo, are totally empty hilts (no electronics). One thing you may notice right away is that there are no open activation switch holes. Saberforge Fallen features two dummy switches and … Read more

Top 5 Reasons to Get Ultrasabers Empty Saber Hilts DIY

Ultrasabers empty hilt

Custom lightsaber manufacturer Ultrasabers, in addition to selling ready-made stunt sabers and sound sabers, offers empty lightsaber hilts, allowing buyers to preform their own electronics installs and tailor lightsabers to their their own specifications. Here are the top 5 reasons to get Ultrasabers empty lightsaber hilts. 1. Low prices for a wide selection of empty … Read more

How to Install a Covertec Wheel Using a Lightsaber Blade Retention Screw Hole

Covertec wheel in a blade retention screw hole

Let’s say one day you decide you want to wear your lightsaber hilt, but unfortunately the model that you purchased doesn’t have the hole near the bottom of the hilt for you to install a Covertec wheel. You do have at least one alternative if you either don’t have the tools to drill and tap … Read more