Top 5 Reasons to Get Ultrasabers Empty Saber Hilts DIY

Custom lightsaber manufacturer Ultrasabers, in addition to selling ready-made stunt sabers and sound sabers, offers empty lightsaber hilts, allowing buyers to preform their own electronics installs and tailor lightsabers to their their own specifications. Here are the top 5 reasons to get Ultrasabers empty lightsaber hilts.

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1. Low prices for a wide selection of empty lightsaber hilts

Ultrasabers’ empty hilts range in price from $29.99 for an Initiate V2 up to $184 for a Graflex CE. The pricing makes many of these empty hilts some of the most affordable, but still professionally-lathed empty lightsaber hilts on the market. Finding inexpensive empty metal lightsaber hilts is challenging, but over 30 Ultrasabers empty hilt models are priced under $50.

2. Most Ultrasabers empty hilts are Modular Hilt System (MHS) compatible
Since most Ultrasabers hilts use MHS compatible pommels–and sometimes MHS compatible emitters and bodies–you’re able to customize the look of your hilt with a variety of components from The Custom Saber Shop’s Modular Hilts System V1 (MHS) section:

Here’s a list of Ultrasabers’ MHS compatible hilts along with the portion of the hilt that is MHS compatible (i.e. pommel, emitter, body):

3. Ultrasabers empty hilts include both a blade retention screw hole AND a switch hole
All Ultrasabers empty hilts feature a pre-drilled and tapped blade retention screw hole. You are also able to select either a guarded switch hole or an AV switch hole (some of the higher-end Ultrasabers hilts only use AV switch holes).

Many other saber companies either don’t offer or don’t include blade retention screw holes or switch holes in your order. Some companies allow you to add a blade retention screw hole or switch hole to your order as an added service, but the service increases the cost of your hilt and may delay the shipping of your order.

4. Ultrasabers’ “bland” hilt designs provide opportunity for creative customization
Sometimes Ultrasabers hilts, especially low to mid-range hilts, are accused of looking too bland in both design and coloring (Ultrasabers sells many hilts that are either all black or all metallic). These so called “bland” hilts provide you with a blank canvas. A blank canvas opens you up to many creative possibilities including: weathering the hilt, add o-rings, grips or other bells and whistles to make the saber hilt your own.

5. Empty hilts are included in Flash Sales
Unfortunately, Ultrasabers’ empty hilts are excluded from most of Ultrasabers’ sales, except their flash sales. Flash sales are announced through the email list and on the Ultrasabers facebook page. How a flash sale works is Ultrasabers discounts one hilt model 10-20% for only a few days. Flash sales can almost never be combined with other sales or promotions.

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Can you think of any additional benefits of Ultrasabers empty lightsaber hilts? Have you customized your own Ultrasabers empty hilt?

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