Why Do Saberforge Mystery Box Sabers Sell Out and Ultrasabers’ Don’t?

Lightsaber manufacturers Ultrasabers and Saberforge structure their Mystery Box Sabers in different ways. Mystery Box Sabers are lightsaber where the buyer is unaware of which lightsaber model they will receive. Saberforge organizes its Mystery Box Sabers into batches of 100 and tells you exactly how many sabers at each tier level will be shipped to buyers. Unlike Saberforge, Ultrasabers DOES NOT tell you the odds of receiving any given saber.

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Saberforge’s posted Mystery Box Saber odds:
1/100 – Crystal Saber
4/100 – Hero Saber
10/100 – Champion Saber
85/100 – Warrior Saber

Ultrasabers’ posted Mystery Box Saber odds:
Ultrasabers does not public release the odds of receiving any given saber.

Ultrasabers just gives you a vague notion that it’s remotely possible you could receive a slightly better lightsaber than one of their more basic models. Assuming that most YouTube unboxing videos and reviews are being truthful, a variety of Ultrasabers buyers have received some nice sabers as Mystery Box Sabers. Many buyers have also unboxed and reviewed basic sabers as Mystery Box Sabers.

Once a Saberforge batch of 100 sells out, the company does not immediately replenish the stock, so the Mystery Box Sabers frequently sell out. Selling out the sabers creates a scarcity for the sabers. Buyers may be more likely to purchase sabers as an impulse buy if their not sure if the saber will be for sale the next day. Scarcity can backfire, however. Saberforge could be losing customers during the gaps when the sabers are sold out.

By contrast, I’ve personally never seen the Ultrasabers Mystery Box Sabers sell out, although this is theoretically possible. Let me know if you’ve seen Ultrasabers Mystery Box Sabers sells out.

If you visit the Saberforge website and see that their Mystery Box Sabers are sold out, the sabers are not sold out forever–Saberforge just hasn’t released their newest batch of 100 sabers yet. How long will you have to wait before Saberforge releases the new batch of 100 Mystery Box Sabers? It depends. Sometimes Saberforge doesn’t release the new for several weeks. You could always try contacting Saberforge to see if they can give you an approximation of when the sabers will be back in stock.

Saberforge https://saberforge.com

Ultrasabers https://www.ultrasabers.com

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