How To Use The Custom Saber Shop’s MHS pommels with Ultrasabers

Since most Ultrasabers lightsaber hilts use MHS (modular hilt system) compatible pommels, that means you can use a variety of Custom Saber Shop pommels with your saber. The Custom Saber Shop manufactures nearly 20 MHS pommels, ranging from simple to more ornate designs.

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The majority of the Ultrasabers lightsaber hilts (excluding V2 hilt models) use MHS compatible pommels. MHS is the modular hilt system, which was developed by The Custom Saber Saber. The system allows users to mix and match a variety of lightsaber components including: emitters, bodies, extensions, pommels, etc. because the parts use the same threading.

Ultrasabers does sell a variety of pommels styles on their own website but there are a quite a few more pommels available on The Custom Saber Shop’s website. Some of them are pretty distinctive like The Custom Saber Shop’s Pommel style 3, which features a conical tip, which gives a lightsaber hilt a bit of dark side flair.

All of The Custom Saber Shop pommels can accommodate sound because the pommels either feature sound holes or have a open bottom. The Custom Saber Shop also sells a variety of pommel inserts that can be used with their pommels with an open bottom.

Since The Custom Saber Shop has nearly 20 pommel designs, you can probably find something that aligns with your own personal taste. The pommels range in price from $7 up to $25. The lower priced pommels have a more basic design while the higher priced ones are bit more intricate. The Custom Saber Shop pommels are aluminum without any coloring, but you can add a powder coating to the pommel (a variety of colors available) for an additional $12.50. Keep in mind that adding any services to your order will likely delay shipping.

The Custom Saber Shop MPS/MHS pommels:

The Custom Saber Shop Pommel Powder Coating add-on:

Ultrasabers pommels:

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