Saberforge lightsaber hilt finishes explained: standard, weathered, black and More

Lightsaber manufacturer Saberforge offers three very common types of hilt finishes: standard, weathered (a somewhat worn out look), and black. Beyond those three common options, Saberforge also offers several less common options and they all cost additional money, ranging in price from $75-$150.  If you’re pondering a detailed and specific customization, you’d have to request a price quote from Saberforge.

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Acid Weathering
Another type of hilt finish is called acid weathering. Acid weathering means that Saberforge gives the hilt an acid bath, so it’s just a different method of aging the saber.

Saberforge attaches the hilt to a lathe and buffs the hilt. You could also add a clear coat on top of the polished hilt in order to seal the hilt and preserve it. Clear coat is a form of powder coating.

Shattered Weathering
Shattered weathering creates the illusion that the lightsaber has been dropped a lot. You are also able to add a clear coat to shattered weathering. Isn’t it strange that it’s cool to carry around a shattered lightsaber and yet it’s not so cool to carry around an iPhone with a shattered screen? Just a thought.

Various powder coating colors
Saberforge offers powder coating in around 40 colors including matte, various chrome colors, and various solid colors. If you can’t find one color out of 40 that you like, then you’re probably being too picky.

Laser Etching and Legacy (quote only)
Both laser etching and legacy are quote only options that vary in price depending on the ornateness of the design.


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