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The KR Sabers Simple Blade Plug lives up to it’s name–it’s a simple, no frills lightsaber blade plug. The Custom Saber Shop sells the same blade plug under a different, less glamorous name; Hilt Safety Plug Style 7.

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Watch KR Sabers Simple Blade Plug 1 inch or 7/8 inch diameter full review The Custom Saber Shop TCSS on YouTube

The Simple Blade Plug comes in two different diameters: 1 inch diameter or 7/8 inch diameter. The blade plug is 1.5 inches long (no other length options are available). The housing, made out of aluminum, features a flat disc design with small circular indentation in the center. The blade plug balances simplicity with elegance. The tube portion of the blade plug is a frosted polycarbonate.

What’s nice about the Simple Blade Plug, and what sets it apart from many other blade plug designs, is the light ring around the edge is small and narrow. The aluminum disc covers most of the interior of the blade socket, making the blade plug a nice option for empty hilts or display pieces.

The neutral, metallic silver color of the blade plug will complement a variety of lightsaber hilt models. You can choose where you want the blade plug to sit within the lightsaber. You could position the blade plug evenly with the lip of the emitter, or choose to position deeper in the emitter socket (if your saber has the room!).

The aptly named KR Sabers Simple Blade Plug is available from The Saber Armory (run by UK based KR Sabers) or from United States based The Custom Saber Shop, where it’s called Hilt Safety Plug Style 7.

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