Saberforge Apprentice Blade Plug Dual Tone Full Review (retired)

This is a Saberforge¬†Apprentice Blade Plug and it’s the dual tone version. The dual tone version is a black with some metallic silver (a solid black Apprentice blade plug was also available). The blade plug is 1 inch in diameter. The top of the blade plug is metal and the tube section of the blade plug is polycarbonate.

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Since the Saberforge Apprentice blade plug is retired, I was surprised to get this blade plug with a Saberforge order that arrived in August 2018. My Saberforge order had been for several empty hilts. Saberforge includes a random blade plug with most of their lightsabers (excluding thin neck sabers). Maybe it’s still possible for the Apprentice blade plug or other retired Saberforge blade plug designs to turn up with current Saberforge orders.

The blade plug is designed with the Saberforge Apprentice Sabers in mind. The blade plug doesn’t have a lip or rim around the top, like many Saberforge ASP blade plugs. The housing of the blade plug is metal, unlike several Saberforge blade plugs that use plastic on the top.

The blade plug is simple in design and elegant in presentation. The slightly-domed housing featuring a thin black ring in the center, reminiscent of an AV switch.

When the blade plug is attached to a lightsaber hilt, an attractive ring of light illuminates the outer edge of the blade plug.

Since the blade plug is discontinued, it may be a bit difficult to find. That said, I just received one a couple months ago. Since ‘random’ blade plugs are included with many Saberforge hilts, it’s theoretically possible that you too could receive a discontinued blade plug like the Apprentice Blade Plug.

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