Saberforge Apprentice Blade Plug Dual Tone Full Review (retired)

Saberforge Apprentice blade plugs dual tone

This is a Saberforge Apprentice Blade Plug and it’s the dual tone version. The dual tone version is a black with some metallic silver (a solid black Apprentice blade plug was also available). The blade plug is 1 inch in diameter. The top of the blade plug is metal and the tube section of the blade … Read more

Saberforge Apprentice Blade Plug Black full review (retired model)

Saberforge Apprentice Blade Plug black

The Apprentice Blade Plug is a retired blade plug by custom saber manufacturer Saberforge. Since the Apprentice Blade Plug is out of production the accessory is a bit hard hard find (you could try eBay [AFFILIATE LINK] or check custom lightsaber forums and groups. I acquired one with a used Saberforge lightsaber that purchased online. … Read more