Saberforge Apprentice Blade Plug Black full review (retired model)

The Apprentice Blade Plug is a retired blade plug by custom saber manufacturer Saberforge. Since the Apprentice Blade Plug is out of production the accessory is a bit hard hard find (you could try eBay [AFFILIATE LINK] or check custom lightsaber forums and groups. I acquired one with a used Saberforge lightsaber that purchased online.

Watch Saberforge Apprentice Blade Plug Black full review (retired model) on YouTube

The Apprentice Blade Plug is a simple, no-frills design that allows some of the LED light to shine through around the outer edge. Saberforge manufactured the Apprentice Blade Plug in a standard two-toned version (black and silver) and also a solid black version. Mine is the solid black version. The raised solid black center portion of the blade plug contains a slight circular indentation in the center, although no light shows through the inner ring. One of my main critiques of the design is that the center ring doesn’t allow light to shine through. In a previous video, YouTuber PakkenTech said that the blade plug center reminded them of a “dummy switch you get from an empty saberforge hilt”. Indeed, the top piece on the blade plug DOES almost look like some type of button the you could press.

Do you like the Saberforge Apprentice Blade Plug design? Do you wish Saberforge still made Apprentice Blade Plugs?

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