Duel Worthy Lightsabers: Heavy Dueling vs. Light Contact

two lightsabers

When Star Wars fans and lightsaber enthusiasts shop around for a new lightsaber, they’ll often ask themselves, “Is this lightsaber duel worthy?”. Let’s be real, many people who purchase a lightsaber are going to want to duel in SOME capacity. Although Star Wars characters use lightsabers in many ways, ranging from cutting through a door, … Read more

Shelf Queen, Cosplay and Dueling Quality Lightsabers: What You Need and What to Look For

lightsaber from various custom saber companies

By Stanley “Gong Gong Ui” ParkGuest Contributor Looking for a shelf queen, a cosplay prop or a dueling quality lightsaber suitable for competing in The Saber Legion (TSL)? Here are some things to consider in order to research and focus on the lightsaber hilt or prop that you need. Since most people want the best … Read more

Best hidden benefit of Ultrasabers Grab Bag Sabers

Ultrasabers lightsabers

Ultrasabers Grab Bag Sabers don’t seem to be nearly as popular as Mystery Box Sabers, but Grab Bag Sabers do feature one big benefit that Mystery Box Sabers don’t and it’s related to the blade. Grab Bag Sabers include a 36 inch blade and you’re able to select a Heavy Grade Blade or Ultraedge Heavy Grade … Read more

Saberforge V4 Infinity Edge Blade full review | lightsaber polycarbonate

Saberforge V4 Infinity Edge Blade

The Saberforge V4 Infinity Edge Blade is the standard polycarbonate lightsaber blade that Saberforge sells. For a long time, the V4 Infinity Edge Blade was Saberforges’ only standard blade (excluding colored Day Blades). Saberforge has since added two specialty blades to their store: Containment Blade and Unstable Blade. Saberforge also sells some non-standard blades, including: … Read more