Shelf Queen, Cosplay and Dueling Quality Lightsabers: What You Need and What to Look For

lightsaber from various custom saber companies

By Stanley “Gong Gong Ui” ParkGuest Contributor Looking for a shelf queen, a cosplay prop or a dueling quality lightsaber suitable for competing in The Saber Legion (TSL)? Here are some things to consider in order to research and focus on the lightsaber hilt or prop that you need. Since most people want the best … Read more

Adam Driver keeps His Kylo Ren lightsaber in an Unexpected Place

Kylo Ren action figure with red lightsaber blade in the background

CBBC, which is a BBC channel geared towards children, recently posted a video called Star Wars: The Last Jedi cast react to fan questions!. Fans wrote in different questions and a few of the cast members answered them in this video. One of the cast members was Kylo Ren actor Adam Driver. “Do you get … Read more