Top 5 Reasons NOT to Buy an Ultrasabers Mystery Box Saber

Are Ultrasabers Mystery Box Sabers worth it? When you purchase a Mystery Box Saber, you don’t know which lightsaber hilt model you will receive. Ultrasabers sends you a semi-random lightsaber that meets or exceeds the value of the price that you paid. If you order $75 Mystery Box Saber you will most likely receive a stunt saber (no sound) worth around $100 or less, although there is a slim possibility that you could receive a more valuable hilt. It’s also possible, but unlikely, that you will receive a sound saber. If you purchase a $200 guaranteed sound saber, you WILL receive a lightsaber with sound.

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Here are five reasons NOT to buy an Ultrasabers Mystery Box Saber

1. You’re picky about minor scratches and defects
Mystery Box Sabers, much like Grab Bag Sabers, may have a few minor scratches or scuffs. If minor defects like these bother you, then a Mystery Box Saber is not for you.

2. You don’t need the blade
All Mystery Box Sabers come with a blade and there’s no option to remove it from your order to decrease the cost and save you money on shipping. Ultrasabers Grab Bag Sabers, on the other hand, allow you to purchase the saber without the blade and save some money.

3. You really want to choose your LED color
Mystery Box Sabers DO NOT allow you to choose your LED color–you just get a random color. You can’t even pay extra to choose an LED color, like you can with Grab Bag Sabers. You could get stuck with a color that you don’t like.

4. You need a Covertec wheel
Unlike Grab Bag Sabers, Mystery Box Sabers don’t give you the option of adding on a covertec wheel and install to your order. That means if you want a covertec wheel on the hilt you will have to drill the hole and install it yourself or mail your hilt somewhere to install the covertec wheel.

5. You might need to buy a charger for your Mystery Box Saber
Some Ultrasabers models require a charger (mostly higher end sound sabers). You won’t know if your Mystery Box Saber will require a charger until you receive your order. That means you may need to go back and make an additional order from Ultrasabers to purchase a charger. If you do end up needing a charger, you probably received a pretty decent lightsaber, however.

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Have you ever purchased an Ultrasabers Mystery Box Saber? Which lightsaber did you get?

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