Covertec Wheel for Wearing your Lightsaber Hilt: What You Should Know

A Covertec wheel is a button or knob attached to a lightsaber hilt. A Covertec wheel connects to a Covertec belt clip, allowing you to wear your lightsaber hilt. The Covertec belt clip system, along with the D-ring belt clip system, is one of the most popular methods that lightsaber enthusiasts wear this lightsaber. Covertec wheels are strongly associated with the Star Wars Prequel Trilogy style lightsabers. Let’s go over some common features of Covertec wheels.

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Covertec wheel materials
Many Covertec wheels are made out of aluminum. Covertec wheels are also made out of: brass, copper, steel and plastic. Aluminum is one of the more common Covertec wheel materials, though.

Covertec wheel design and finish
Many Covertec wheels are somewhat basic and don’t necessarily use much design flair. Some Covertec wheels are weathered to match a weathered hilt. Other Covertec wheels are dual tone or anodized black or some other color. Some Covertec wheels a have a ring of holes around the edge. The Covertec wheel design doesn’t usually get too crazy–they’re typically somewhat basic design.

Curved vs Flat Covertec Wheels
Many Covertec wheels are curved so they fit flush with the hilt. Some Covertec wheels are flat and don’t fit flush with a hilt. If a lightsaber hilt doesn’t use a uniform curve around the hilt, then a curved Covertec wheel may not adequately fit against the hilt.

Types of Covertec Wheels
The most common type of Covertec wheel is comprised of two pieces: the wheel itself and the screw (often a socket head screw) that attaches the Covertec wheel to the lightsaber hilt. There are several, less common types of Covertec wheels.

The Custom Saber Shop sells a Covertec wheel called ‘8-32 Covertec Button Thumbscrew’ with built-in threading so you don’t need a separate screw. The Custom Saber Shop also sells a curved Covetec wheel called ‘Kill plug style 3’. You install the Covertec kill key on the recharge port when your lightsaber is not in use.

Covertec wheel location
Most people install Covertec wheels near the pommel area of the lightsaber hilt. You can install Covertec wheels elsewhere on the hilt, too, like The Custom Saber Shop’s ‘Kill plug style 3’ that’s installed on the recharge port.  If you’re in a pinch and you’d like to wear your lightsaber hilt, but your lightsaber hilt doesn’t have a Covertec wheel hole drilled and tapped, then you can install the Covertec wheel temporarily on the blade retention screw hole. Most people install the Covertec wheel near the pommel area, however.

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