4 Types of Covertec Wheels for Lightsabers and Who Sells Them

Let’s talk about 4 different types of Covertec wheels and where to find them (scroll to the bottom of the article to find a list of Covertec wheel sellers). A Covertec wheel is a circular button or knob on some lightsaber hilts that’s designed to attach to a Covertec belt clip. The Covertec belt clip and wheel system is one of the most common methods for wearing a lightsaber hilt. Many custom lightsabers and some officially licensed lightsabers feature Covertec wheels.

A Covertec wheel, which may be made out of plastic or out of various metals (e.g. aluminum, brass, copper, etc.), widely ranges in design and price. Let’s take a closer look at 4 different types of Covertec wheels.

1. Curved Covertec Wheel

Curved Covertec wheels are one of the most common types of Covertec wheels. Curved Covertec wheels are designed to fit flush against the lightsaber hilt. In other words, curved Covertec wheels are intended blend with curvature of the hilt. A curved Covertec wheel may not fit flush against oddly shaped lightsabers. A standard curved Covertec wheel requires an additional screw to attach the wheel to the hilt.

Kyberlight Covertec wheel (curved)

2. Flat Covertec Wheel

Flat Covertec wheels are not intended to fit the curvature of the hilt. A flat Covertec wheel will leave a gap between the hilt and the Covertec wheel, unless the hilt features a recessed section to fit the flat Covertec wheel. A standard flat Covertec wheel requires an additional screw to attach the wheel to the hilt.

One Replicas Covertec wheel (flat) IMAGE CREDIT One Replicas

3. Covertec Wheel with Built-In Thumbscrew

The Custom Saber Shop makes a wheel called “8-32 Covertec Button Thumbscrew”. The product includes a built-in 8-32 size thumbscrew, which is convenient in some ways an inconvenient in others. Also, a built-in thumbscrew allows for fast, simple and tool-free installation and removal. Depending on the hilt, however, the threaded part of the thumbscrew section may be too long and require the user to pare down the threading. Also, the screw size is limited to 8-32.

The Custom Saber Shop 8-32 Covertec Button Thumbscrew IMAGE CREDIT The Custom Saber Shop

4. Kill Key Covertec Wheel

The kill key Covertec wheel is a less common curved Covertec wheel style. The Custom Saber Shop makes a kill key Covertec wheel called “Kill plug style 3”. Instead of attaching to the hilt with a screw or screw threading, the kill key Covertec wheel attaches to the lightsaber’s recharge port when the lightsaber is not in use. A kill key Covertec wheel has the dual function of both masking the existence of the recharge port while serving as a Covertec wheel. A kill key Covertec wheel does not attach to hilt as securely as a threading and may fall out resulting in damage to the lightsaber hilt. The Custom Saber Shop warns, “It may fall out if saber is impacted hard or multiple times.”

The Custom Saber Shop Kill plug style 3 IMAGE CREDIT The Custom Saber Shop


Many custom saber companies sell Covertec wheels in their store in a parts or accessories section. DISCLAIMER: This list contains some affiliate links, meaning I may get some money if you purchase something through the link (at no cost to you). Thank you for supporting SaberSourcing!

The Custom Saber Shop United States flat, curved, kill key, thumbscrew
Force Relics (Etsy) Belgium curved (aluminum, brass, copper)
JQ Sabers United Kingdom flat, curved, kill key, thumbscrew
Kyberlight United States curved (1 style)
One Replicas (Etsy) Spain flat plastic
The Saber Armory (by KR Sabers) United Kingdom flat (aluminum, brass, copper)
aberforge United States curved (3 styles, multiple colors)
Sabertrio Malaysia curved (anodized black, anodized black and silver, brass)
Ultrasabers United States curved (black, silver colored, gold colored)

COVER IMAGE CREDIT: The Custom Saber Shop
Image depicts kill key Covertec wheel (left), curved Covertec wheel (middle), and a group of thumbscrew Covertec wheel (right)

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