How to Name a Lightsaber: 10 Ways Custom Saber Companies Name Prop Hilts

Although officially licensed lightsabers are always named after a Star Wars character, custom saber companies choose to name their lightsaber hilts in may different ways. Let’s look at 10 of the most common ways custom saber companies name their lightsabers.

1. Use the Star Wars Character’s Name
Most custom saber manufacturers avoid attaching Star Wars character names to lightsabers in order to avoid getting sued by Disney. Occasionally smaller companies or companies making a hilt inspired by a minor Star Wars character will still decide to attach a Star Wars character name to the hilt. Officially licensed lightsabers and props, however, always use a Star Wars character names to identify the lightsaber.
Examples: Rey’s lightsaber, Yoda’s lightsaber, Kylo Ren’s lightsaber, Darth Vader’s lightsaber

One problem with attaching a character’s name to lightsaber is that a lightsaber may have multiple owners over the years. Additionally, a character may use different models of lightsabers over the years.

Many lightsaber enthusiasts and Star Wars fans will colloquially refer to a custom lightsaber by the character’s name, even though the company typically names the lightsaber something else to avoid a lawsuit.

2. Name After the Original Prop Materials
Many custom saber companies name Original Trilogy lightsabers, which comprised of cobbled together found parts, after one of the defining parts of the lightsaber. For example the Original Trilogy Obi-Wan Kenobi lightsaber uses an MK1 grenade as the grip, so some saber manufacturers name the lightsaber MK1. Luke Skywalker’s lightsaber in A New Hope and Empire Strikes Back was made out of Graflex flashgun, so many custom saber companies name the lightsaber Graflex or occasionally Flashgun.
Examples: Graflex, MK1, Flashgun

3. Use Initials or Abbreviations of Character Names
In order to avoid using a Star Wars character’s full name, some custom saber companies instead use a character’s initials or an abbreviation of the character’s name.
Examples: OWK (Obi-Wan Kenobi), QGJ (Qui-Gon Jinn), DM (Darth Maul), LS (Luke Skywalker), DV (Darth Vader), etc.

4. Refer to a Character Role or Title
Several custom saber companies uses names that invokes a role or title of a character.
Examples: Apprentice (Ultrasabers), Initiate (Ultrasabers), Sentinel (Ultrasabers), Acolyte (Vader’s Vault and Saberforge), Disciple (Saberforge), Arbiter (Saberforge and Ultrasabers), Emperor’s Hand (Ultrasabers), Monarch (Ultrasabers).

5. Reference Real World Mythology, History, Literature or Pop Culture
Referencing popular stories and narratives from our own world helps Star Wars fans and lightsaber enthusiasts connect to stories and characters from a galaxy far, far away.
Examples: Phoenix (Saberforge), Prodigal Son (Saberforge), Bors the Dragonslayer (Wonder Force), Ares (Saberforge), Caliban (JQ Sabers), Manticore (Ultrasabers), War Glaive (Ultrasabers), Aegis (Electrum Sabercrafts).

6. Use Astronomy or Space Terminology
Since Star Wars takes place in space, some custom saber companies use astronomy inspired names for their sabers or saber components.
Examples: Nova (Saberforge), Aeon (Saberforge, Ultrasabers). many Kyberlight pieces use names from astronomy (e.g. Bow Shock, Red Dwarf, Quasar, etc)

7. Name After a Real World Blade or Tool
Some custom lightsabers and certain lightsaber blades are named after a real world weapon or tool. The lightsaber may or may not look anything like the weapon it’s named after, although lightsaber blades named after real life blades often bear some resemblance.
Examples: Xiphos (Saberforge), Katana (Saberforge, The Pach Store), Reaper (Ultrasabers), Flamberge (Ultrasabers). Many Ripper Blades lightsaber blades are named after real blades (e.g. Katana, Cutlass, Spearhead, etc).

8. Select an Evocative Noun, Action or Intention
Using an evocative noun, action, or intention stirs up a feeling or emotion. Many lightsabers with evocative names conjure up anger, rage and other dark side emotions, although a few lightsaber names conjure up feelings of hope and positive change as well.
Examples: Fury (Vader’s Vault), Wrath (Vader’s Vault), Havoc (Vader’s Vault), Vanquish (Vader’s Vault), Maelstrom (Vader’s Vault), Catalyst (Ultrasabers), Reborn (Saberforge), Redemption (Saberforge)

9. Highlight a Characteristic or Personality Trait
Highlighting a characteristic can help illustrate the personality of the the individual that would wield the lightsaber. A sinister sounding lightsaber name like “Malevolent” indicates that the custom lightsaber hilt likely features bold and imposing features, which is more in line with something that a Sith Lord would use.
Examples: Reliant (Saberforge), Resilient (Saberforge), Malevolent (Saberforge), Outcast (Saberforge)

10. Make Up an Original Name
Some lightsabers use a name that’s totally made up altogether. Although the word may be unique, the name still may take some inspiration from astronomy, an emotion, mythology, a title, etc. A big benefit of using an original name is the name refers only to only one lightsaber from one custom saber company, which avoids confusion.
Example: Valhken (Sabertrio)

COVER IMAGE (left to right)
Arclyte (Sabertrio)
Unicron (The Pach Store)
Dark Standard Issue Battle Saber V3 (Ultrasabers)
MK1 (Roman Props)
Apprentice LE V4 (Ultrasabers)

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