SaberMach SG54 lightsaber

SaberMach SG54 Lightsaber Released (Budget RGB Sound) | New Saber Alert

The SaberMach SG54 lightsaber has been released. The custom saber, an original design, is an affordable RGB sound saber with white Flash on Clash. SaberMach named and released the affordable SG54 lightsaber in honor of Singapore’s 54th National Day on August 9, 2019.

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SaberMach SG54 lightsaber
SaberMach SG54 lightsaber (budget friendly RGB sound saber) | IMAGE CREDIT SaberMach

An entry level custom saber, the SaberMach SG54 lightsaber is a collaboration with KitSabers, a subsidiary brand of SaberMach. The sleek and elegant metal hilt features a slanted emitter and slightly tapered choke point for an ergonomic grip. The two hilt color options are: Silver or Black.

SG54 The hilt accepts a 7/8 inch diameter blade (a removable 30 inch long blade with bullet tip is included). SG54 is equipped with a 9W RGB LED and a budget soundboard with three sound fonts and a mute function. A built-in Li-Ion battery powers the saber. A recharge port is situated in the lower part of the hilt.


SaberMach is a custom saber company based in Singapore. The company makes custom sabers ranging from budget friendly to high end. SaberMach operates in-person, build-your-own lightsaber workshops as well.

Image depicts SaberMach SG54 lightsaber

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