Lightsaber Wall Mounts: What You Should Know

A lightsaber wall mount, sometimes referred to as lightsaber wall rack, is a device that attaches to the wall in order to hold and display a lightsaber. A lightsaber wall mount typically attaches to the wall with screws. Similar to lightsaber stands, Star Wars fans commonly utilize lightsaber wall mounts to display: Star Wars Galaxy’s … Read more

Quest Design Canada Lightsaber Name Plate on Stand Full Review

Quest Design Canada lightsaber name plate

This is a Quest Design Canada (Etsy) Lightsaber Name Plate on Stand. The name plate, which is customizable, is permanently attached to the stand. Both the name plate itself and the stand sections are made of plastic. As a disclaimer, Quest Design Canada sent me this stand for free (thank you very much!). The name … Read more

Display Stands Direct 4 Tier Acrylic Lightsaber Stand Review

Display Stands Direct 4 Tier Acrylic lightsaber stand

This is a Display Stands Direct (eBay) [affiliate link] 4 Tier Acrylic Lightsaber Stand. I acquired the stand secondhand, but Display Stands Direct continues to sell the stand new in their eBay store. Display Stands Direct is based in the United States and specializes in making display stands for lightsabers, helmets, blasters, and other props. … Read more

Infinity 3D Prints: Budget Friendly Saber Stands, Wall Mounts and Cosplay Props | Lightsaber Company Spotlight

Infinity 3D Prints lightsaber wall mounts and stands

Infinity 3D Prints [affiliate link] is a United States based Etsy store that offers a selection of custom saber stands and wall mounts for displaying lightsabers. The company sells some custom Star Wars inspired cosplay props as well. Marvin Morris launched the Infinity 3D Prints Etsy store in 2016. Infinity 3D Prints Lightsaber StandsThe company … Read more

How to Display a Lightsaber Hilt WITHOUT a Stand

lightsaber hilt display without a stand

Some lightsaber hilts can be displayed on your bookshelf or on your table with a stand. Since most lightsabers are very cylindrical in shape, you need to be careful setting them on a flat surface because you don’t want them to roll off. That’s one of the reasons why people will buy a lightsaber stand, … Read more