Display Stands Direct 4 Tier Acrylic Lightsaber Stand Review

This is a Display Stands Direct (eBay) [affiliate link] 4 Tier Acrylic Lightsaber Stand. I acquired the stand secondhand, but Display Stands Direct continues to sell the stand new in their eBay store. Display Stands Direct is based in the United States and specializes in making display stands for lightsabers, helmets, blasters, and other props.

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The stand base is nice and wide and sturdy, which is important, especially when you consider loading up to 4 lightsaber hilts onto the stand. The base of the lightsaber stand is 13 inches long and 3.75 inches wide. The stand is cut from clear acrylic that’s 1/4 inches thick. The risers holding the hilts are 6.3 inches tall.The base measures 13″ L x 3.75″ width, cut from 1/4″ clear acrylic. The risers are 6.30″ tall.

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The stand, which ships flat, arrives in three interlocking clear acrylic pieces. Display Stands Direct engraves a logo in the center of the base and the company offers several different engraving options, including various ‘Star Wars’ themes of chevrons/logos. Just write in the comments section of the order which engraving design you prefer.

Now let’s load up and demo the stand with some lightsaber hilts! When you’re loading taller stands like this one, make sure you start loading the hilts on the bottom tier up to the top tier. If you load the top tier first, the stand will become top-heavy and tip over!

Lightsaber Hilts Stacked On the 4 Tier Stand (from the bottom to the top)
One Replicas SSOb Super Stunt Lightsaber Hilt
• 7 Chambers Phoenix Props Imperial Knight Lightsaber Hilt
Saberforge Phoenix Lightsaber Hilt
Ultrasabers Guardian Lightsaber Hilt

I stacked the Ultrasabers Guardian on the top tier in order to demonstrate that the stand is secure and stable, even with a larger hilt on the top tier. Also, the tiers are designed to accommodate even some larger diameter hilts, like the Ultrasabers Guardian.

The 4 tier hilt stand attractively displays the lightsaber, doing a good job of visually melting away into the background after the lightsaber hilts get stacked onto the stand. If you want your lightsaber hilts to draw the most attention, rather than the stand itself, a basic acrylic lightsaber stand like this one gets the job done.

Many lightsaber stands are only single tier or double tier. This Display Stands Direct 4 Tier Lightsaber Stand allows the user to display up to four lightsaber hilts at once in a compact, simple and attractive way. Since the stand is only about 6 inches tall, the stand will fit on most bookshelves. The convenient vertical stacking method of the tiers help lightsaber enthusiasts economize their shelf space as well.

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