Lightsaber Wall Mounts: What You Should Know

A lightsaber wall mount, sometimes referred to as lightsaber wall rack, is a device that attaches to the wall in order to hold and display a lightsaber. A lightsaber wall mount typically attaches to the wall with screws.

Similar to lightsaber stands, Star Wars fans commonly utilize lightsaber wall mounts to display: Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge lightsabers (e.g. Savi’s Workshop lightsabers and legacy lightsaber), Force FX lightsabers, or custom sabers from Ultrasabers, Saberforge, Vader’s Vault, etc.. A lightsaber wall mount is commonly made from plastic, although wood and metal wall mounts exist as well.

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Lightsaber Wall Mount Display Method

Lightsaber wall mounts may be designed to hold a lightsaber hilt (no blade) or a lightsaber hilt with an attached blade. Wall mounts that are designed for lightsabers with blades typically include a base and at least one clip to secure the blade to wall. Depending on the device’s design, lightsaber wall mounts may display lightsabers: vertically, horizontally, or even ‘coat of arms’ style with blades crossed diagonally.

Lightsaber Wall Mount Design

Lightsaber wall mounts commonly come in solid, neutral colors like: black, gray, or transparent. Some designs may include familiar logos (e.g. Imperial logo, Rebel logo) or patterns (e.g. Death Star corridor pattern). Higher-end lightsaber wall mounts, like Quest Design Canada wallmounts, may come equipped with electronic LED illumination.

Lightsaber Wall Mount Sizing

Lightsaber wall mounts come in different sizes. Although most wall mounts are designed to accommodate a wide range of hilt sizes, make sure your lightsaber hilt will fit with the wall mount before purchasing. Ask the individual seller if you have any questions about the wall mount sizing.

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