Quest Design Canada Lightsaber Name Plate on Stand Full Review

This is a Quest Design Canada (Etsy) Lightsaber Name Plate on Stand. The name plate, which is customizable, is permanently attached to the stand. Both the name plate itself and the stand sections are made of plastic. As a disclaimer, Quest Design Canada sent me this stand for free (thank you very much!).

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The name plate has a brushed metal appearance and is laser engraved with a custom name, phrase and/or logo. The stand section is made out of either black or clear plastic, depending on the buyer’s selection.

Even though the name plate is plastic, the piece is convincingly brushed metal in appearance. The name plate measures 5.5 inches long and 2 inches wide and is a rectangle with cut corners in shape.

The stand section is comprised of one single piece of formed plastic. The name plate is attached permanently to the face of the stand. The stand displays the name plate at a slight angle.

The Quest Design Canada Lightsaber Name Plate on Stand is well-made and attractive and professional in its design. Attaching the name plate to the stand gives the user easily change around or relocate the position of the stand in relation to the lightsaber hilt. Alternatively, Quest Design Canada sells the name plate with a plain/flat backing or with an adhesive backing.

Quest Design Canada is a Canada based Etsy seller, offering a selection name plates, signs, and high-end illuminated lightsaber stands.

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COVER IMAGE: Quest Design Canada Lightsaber Name Plate (foreground) with Disney Parks Exclusive Rey Lightsaber (background)

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