Plecter Labs and the Evolution of Lightsaber Soundboards: An Interview with Erv Plecter

Erv Plecter and Plecter Labs lightsaber soundboards

Erv Plecter, electronics engineer and founder of Plecter Labs, launched his eponymous prop electronics company in 2005. Based in France, Plecter is the brains behind some of the most popular custom lightsaber boards on the market, including: Nano Biscotte, Pico Crumble, Crystal Focus, PRIZM and more. Plecter Labs soundboards, especially the entry-level Nano Biscotte and … Read more

Where to Buy Nano Biscotte V4 by Plecter Labs Lightsaber Soundboard

Plecter Labs Nano Biscotte V4 soundboard for lightsaber

Nano Biscotte V4, by Plecter Labs, is one of the most popular custom saber soundboards on the market. Plecter Labs no longer sells the Nano Biscotte directly, except in the case of high quantity orders. Instead, Nano Biscotte V4 is sold through three official distribution channels in three different countries: The Custom Saber Shop (United … Read more