Advantages of Using a 32 inch Blade: The Goldilocks Blade

Out of a variety of lightsaber blade lengths, the 32 inch blade boasts the versatility of shorter blades while maintaining the stature and gravitas of a full length blade.

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Ultrasabers offers three main lightsaber blade lengths: 36 inch, 32 inch and 24 inch. They also offer a 40 inch blade, 16 inch blade and custom length blades. Additionally, other saber companies typically offer full size lightsaber blades between 32 inches and 37 inches or so.

Along with the 24 inch blade, a 32 inch lightsaber blade works well on double bladed lightsabers. Longer blades become cumbersome as double bladed lightsabers, unless the user is very tall and/or has an open park area or large gymnasium where they can swing around the double bladed lightsaber. Consider that a double bladed lightsaber with two 36 inches blades attached spans a whopping six feet, plus the length of the hilt. That’s pretty long.

A 32 inch blade feels and looks full length while fitting the proportion of the lightsaber hilt. Attaching a 24 inch blade to a longer hilt like a Dark Sentinel L4 makes the lightsaber blade look like a short, baby lightsaber blade. A 32 inch blade, on the other hand, feels full length (both 32 and 36 inch blades are often considered full length).

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Can you think of any additional advantages or disadvantages of using a 32 inch lightsaber blade?

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