How long is a full size lightsaber blade?

full size lightsaber blade

A full-size lightsaber blade is typically somewhere between 32 and 37 inches long. Despite the 4 or 5 inch range between a shorter full size blade and longer full size blade, all of the blade lengths from 32 to 37 inches do appear to be full size when attached to a lightsaber hilt. Another common … Read more

Advantages of Using a 32 inch Blade: The Goldilocks Blade

32 inch lightsaber blade

Out of a variety of lightsaber blade lengths, the 32 inch blade boasts the versatility of shorter blades while maintaining the stature and gravitas of a full length blade. Ultrasabers offers three main lightsaber blade lengths: 36 inch, 32 inch and 24 inch. They also offer a 40 inch blade, 16 inch blade and custom … Read more