What is a Mystery Box? | Lightsaber Terminology

Mystery Box lightsaber

A Mystery Box is a custom lightsaber or lightsaber accessory that a buyer purchases without knowing which model they will get. In other words, the lightsaber will be a surprise when the buyer opens the box.

Ripper Blades Ninja Ripper Blade Full review | flat acrylic lightsaber blade

Ripper Blades Ninja Ripper Blade

Ninja Ripper Blade, by custom lightsaber blade company Ripper Blades, is a katana inspired flat acrylic blade. The blade is a show blade and is NOT duel worthy because acrylic is too brittle to endure the rigors of dueling. Ripper Blades (Etsy) https://www.etsy.com/shop/RipperBlades affiliate link Watch Ninja Ripper Blade review flat acrylic lightsaber blade Ripper Blades … Read more

Ripper Blades Guess What Boxes: What You Should Know

Ripper Blades Etsy page

Ripper Blades, a United States based lightsaber blade company, offers Guess What Boxes. Guess What Boxes are available both in the Ripper Blades Etsy store [AFFILIATE LINK] and on the Ripper Blades website (use promo code SSRIPPER for 10% off orders $100+). The Ripper Blades Guess What Box is similar to the Mystery Box concept … Read more

Ripper Blades Flat Acrylic Blade Color Options: Clear, Solid Color, Two Toned

Ripper Blades, a custom lightsaber blade company, offers three main types of color options for their flat acrylic blades: clear, solid color and two-toned. Watch Ripper Blades Flat Acrylic Blade Color Options: Clear, Solid Color, Two Toned on YouTube Clear Flat Acrylic Blades (no extra charge) A clear blade is totally clear, although the blade with … Read more

Which lightsaber companies sell Mystery Boxes?

Ultrasabers and Saberforge lightsabers

Multiple lightsaber companies sell Mystery Boxes. A ‘mystery box’ means a buyer purchases an item without knowing which style or model they will get. A lightsaber related mystery box typically contains ONE item, rather than a box full of items. Also, some companies use different names for mystery boxes like ‘grab bag’ or ‘mystery bag’ … Read more